Our service


Every car is unique and needs car-specific maintenance. In Fordi Keskus we use professional products depending on the car’s specifics.
We mainly use oils by Castrol and Ford. Ford Formula F is our mostly used oil by Ford.
We have the original spare parts for every kind of car model. We use B-class spare parts by Delphi, Lemförder, Bosch and Skf.
Our shop also sells tyres by the most popular manufacturers like Nokian, Barum, Continental and Gislaved.
We are sure we can find the best products that Your car needs, be sure to ask!


Provided maintenance:

  • maintenance and repairing for far-spread car models
  • tyres
  • diagnostics
  • repairing motor and gearbox
  • regulating axles
  • mounting accessories (alarms, center lock systems, car stereos, extra lights etc)
  • painting and bodywork
  • taking the car to ARK inspection requested by the clients

Price list:

  • Locksmith’s work: 35 €
  • Locksmith’s work with car owner’s spare parts (without guarantee): 45 €
  • Diagnostics, electrical work: 45 €
  • Axle stand: 35-55 €
  • 13″-14″ tyre change 4pcs: 35 €
  • 15″-16″ tyre change 4pcs: 39 €
  • 17″ tyre change 4pcs: 42 €
  • taking the car to ARK inspection, regular car: 52 €
  • taking the car to ARK inspection, van: 58 €