About us

OÜ Socius Ford was started in 1998 with five employees. Today, there are thirteen of us. Our workshop is situated in Tallinn, Pärnu mnt. 137, since 2002, where we have our service room and storage room in the space of 599,5 m2. Fordi Keskus’ main focus is divided into maintaining and repairing different far-spread car models as well as retailing spare parts.

Our shop gives the car owners the possibility to buy and order necessary spare parts and supplies for the most common car models. We have a large variety of original and B-class spare parts, like brake blocks, dashpots, steering wheel parts, car silencers, car seals, different engine repair series, electrical devices etc.

We have most of the spare parts at our workshop. When our shop is out of something then we can usually get the necessary part into our shop for the same evening. However, some of the more specific spare parts may take a little more time to purvey. Our shop can offer A-class spare parts to every car model out there.

Our most preferred brands for oils and coatings are Castrol and Ford, because their products have the best capacity against the cold weather as well as the best qualities for coating.

Since 2008, we also repair and maintain car air conditioners.